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Wednesday, August 26


minggu lepas lecturer BBI2421 minta kami satu kelas buat assignment mengenai perkara penting dalam hidup, then, ana buatlah perkara yang paling penting dalam hidup tah is the changes to be new Ana. hehe, then inilah yang terjadi pada ana pada zaman matrik. zaman kemuncak kegemilangan, yangmemberi seribu satu kenangan terindah yang x dapat ana lupakan sepanjang hidup ana.
terimalah .......................TRANSFORMERS.....................................

There are a lot of memories that I can not forget until I died and one of them is when I transform all of my life become better than or as known as hijrah. There story begin when I got an offer to continue my studies in matrix Kulim Kedah. This memorable place had changes me to be the new and fresh Ayu. Lots of changes happened on me including mentality or physically either. Me, before that transformers was a naughty cute girl with skate board always behind me, even when I sleep. Studying in Assunta High school gave me a lot of ways to enjoy my life. Free and happy. No worries at all. My appearance looks simple and steady as a skater girl, track suit, t-shirt and sometimes I wearing tudung. Knowing nothing in Islamic life based on my social surrounding. But, all of the changes had started when I am registered in matrix Mara Kulim. Having lot friends that are looks Islamic trend, used Islam as their ways of life had had me felt really unpredictable. I did not know how to explain that feel, it is really amazing. I fall in love with the circumstance and day to days I had learnt how to be a real muslim starting from praying until I died. One day, as usual, there got a tasawwur classes on every Wednesday and I still remembered that the ustaz was talk about the simple things entitles “appreciate a giving of Allah in context of environment.” Suddenly, I felt really miserable, my heart felt something. Yes, I felt something that I never ever feel before. The feeling that ever been inside my heart. Really touched in my heart, mind and what ever it is. My heart really strong to say that I have to changes and something had happened. Now, I am a new Ayu that promise my whole life are because of Allah. It is really hard to maintain and istiqamah when got a lot of challenges from my family and skaters friends. But, I have to stand with my word that Allah always be with me when I had promise Islam is the ways of my life.

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Ain Farhana said...

Assalamu'alaikum Ayu.
Semoga sentiasa istiqamah dalam hidup.
Selamat beramal! :)

ayu said...

azam amat kuat pada bulan ramadhan ini~~
doakan saye ye farhana

Anonymous said...

bestnyer ayu dah dpt hidayah tu..bilalah rosputih dpt transformers jugak ek...hehhe

ayukhuwah said...

memang nikmat rosputih
tapi amat malang + rugi andai dipersiakan...
Doakan sy istiqamah dlm perjuangan~~